Stretch ceilings – a great choice

In our time, stretch ceilings have become quite popular. For their production, a durable decorative vinyl-based film is used, the thickness of which is not more than 0.17 mm. This film is fixed by special locks on a pre-prepared frame. As a rule, this frame is either aluminum or plastic.

Thanks to the installation of stretch ceilings, it is possible to create an ideal ceiling surface in a short time. And most importantly – this type of ceiling is universal, that is, suitable for any type of room.

Naturally, when installing the ceiling, the frame is mounted around the entire perimeter of the room. It is worth noting that these frames can be fixed both to the concrete floor and to the wall. After preliminary preparation, the film is attached to the baguettes (frame). The film can have different widths, ranging from 1.3 m. and ending with 2 m. Taking into account the width of the film, seams are created between the layers, which are sealed using modern welding technology, which makes it almost invisible.

It is also worth paying attention to the fact that when installing stretch ceilings, two mounts are used, namely, harpoon and non-harpoon.

In the case of the first type of fastening, a special edging made of a rigid profile is welded around the entire perimeter of the ceiling. If you cut this edging, then its shape resembles a harpoon.

As for the harpoonless mount, it is characterized by increased flexibility. But in the case of its use, it will take much more time to install the ceiling.

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