Stretch ceiling

Now we will tell you what a false ceiling is, what are the options and what are their advantages.

A stretch ceiling is a stretched canvas fixed on a metal or plastic structure under an existing ceiling.Stretch ceilings Petersburg are fabric seamless and made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Advantages of PVC:

– made individually for the room

– the ability to choose colors and textures (gloss, mat, suede)

– easy to clean with gentle detergents

-water resistance (in case of possible flooding, the ceilings hold all the water, and then recover well)

– perfectly flat ceiling surface

Of the minuses, it has low frost resistance, but this is not at all scary for heated rooms, and an accidental impact with a sharp object can lead to a hole.

Installation is carried out as follows, with a gas gun, the stretch ceiling canvas is heated to 70 degrees, under the influence of temperature the film becomes soft and easily stretched over an already mounted profile.

Advantages of fabric seamless ceilings:

– high strength

– wear resistance

– frost resistance

-do not burn

-sound and heat insulation

Of the minuses:

– only matte finish

– not elastic, in case of a flood it will not be able to hold water.

– in 1.5 times more expensive than PVC ceilings

Installation is carried out as follows, the level of the fabric ceiling is determined, the mounting profile is fixed and the material itself is installed.

Which ceiling to make exclusively the choice of the owner. Stretch ceilings are increasingly the choice of people, and perhaps soon it will become an element of the interior and your apartment.

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