Stretch ceiling. Beauty and comfort in your home

Stretch ceilings are a 21st century technology for creating comfort and beauty in your home, a stretch ceiling is also a combination of beauty and practicality of use.

The ceiling is a film that is installed on a frame, previously fixed around the perimeter of the wall, or to an existing ceiling. The elasticity of the ceiling is achieved by heating the room with a heat gun to a temperature of 70 degrees Celsius.

Stretch ceiling, in addition to ease of installation and beauty, is also a finishing material, as it hides all the defects and irregularities of the existing ceiling. Stretch ceilings are installed, photos of which can be found on the Internet, in various configurations, these can be both single-level and multi-level structures.

Types of stretch ceilings:

Stretch ceilings by type are divided into matte, glossy, colored, satin (more expensive), photo printing on the ceiling canvas is also possible. Glossy ceilings are installed mainly in rooms with low ceilings, which gives the effect of increasing the height of the room. Cloths with fiber optic threads emit a starry sky, a very beautiful solution.

Installation of a stretch ceiling depends on the complexity of the configuration and takes from several hours to two to three days. Stretch ceilings have a very wide scope of application, which can be seen on the Internet in large numbers, ceilings can be installed both in the bedroom and in the kitchen, in the bathroom, toilet and other rooms.

If necessary, the ceiling can be dismantled and installed in another room, which will not affect its quality in any way. Due to the ease of installation, affordable cost and wide application, new generation ceilings are increasingly finding their customers.

In addition, new generation ceilings are very easy to maintain, wash with simple means, and you don’t need to be afraid that you will violate the integrity of the canvas, thanks to the flexibility and elasticity of the material, the canvas remains invariably smooth and will continue to delight you.

In conclusion, I would like to say that fashion and tastes are changing and such a new solution as a stretch ceiling goes one step ahead with fashion, so having made your choice in favor of a stretch ceiling, you and your interior will always attract the eyes of your acquaintances and friends. Stretch shelf Your right choice!

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