Main features of the ISPmanager web server control panel

Ispmanager is a control panel for manipulating various software through an interface. Managed resources include web servers, mail servers, etc.

Using control panel for web it is quite easy to perform a number of different functions:

  • make backup copies;
  • view statistics on server operation;
  • manage user accounts;
  • configure anti-spam protection to make work easier and more comfortable;
  • manage databases;
  • configure security;
  • administer domains;
  • view logs and statistics;
  • independently configure the server;
  • work with mail;
  • manage files and set the access level to them.

This panel has not had a worthy competitor for many years. This product attracts the attention of not only domestic buyers, but also foreign ones. Ispmanager is used by many world famous foreign companies.

The vast majority of operating systems allow panel integration and work productively in tandem. But with minimal knowledge you won’t be able to implement the product yourself. It is better to entrust this work to a specialist.

Description and advantages of the web server control panel

Speaking about the implementation of Ispmanager, it is unfair to remain silent about the release of the new, version 5 of the program. It differs in some features: it is integrated only into CentOS, Debian and Ubuntu. It is not suitable for installation on other operating systems; you will have to purchase another version.

Ispmanager can be called economical, since it consumes traffic to a minimum, which is facilitated by flexible settings. It can only be purchased on a paid basis. When integrating, it is advisable to have a license for this product. If you do not have one, you will be automatically issued a temporary license, valid for 2 weeks. It is issued for informational purposes.

The wide range of utilities supported by the panel is a clear advantage. They can be updated using the operating system.

One of the significant advantages of this panel is the ease of working with it. It has a well-thought-out interface, which makes it easy for even beginners to understand. All buttons located on the field are equipped with hints; this function prevents the possibility of making mistakes.

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