How to save a family on the brink of divorce

To successfully save a family, you need to understand why there are problems in your unit of society. As a rule, relationships begin with beautiful courtship and romantic dates, and after the wedding, life is filled with domestic problems, fatigue at work and, as a result, mutual irritability. As a result, the family is on the path of divorce. Keeping a family together for many years is a great art. Irritability and dislike arise as a result of undiscussed problems. Very often, laziness and selfishness prevent us from making compromises and working to save the family.

Men who want to save a family should try to keep abreast of all the events taking place in the life of their wife. Would like to know more:

About my wife’s work. With whom does she work, with whom does she communicate. What difficulties arise in the process of work;

About wife’s friends and their families. About their interests and work, the more information, the more reason you have to discuss contentious issues. Women are socially dependent, if some of her friends have a husband who brings coffee to bed, or shows some special signs of attention, sooner or later your wife will ask why you don’t do the same. It’s better to be prepared for this question.

Spend more time with your significant other. Give flowers and don’t forget to compliment. Praise not only her cooking, but also her appearance and sense of taste. Try not to raise your voice at home, even if you are shouted at, have patience and continue to speak calmly. Do not forget that the man is the leader in the family. It is you who are responsible for the unity of the family.

To save the family, women are advised to do simple, seemingly obvious truths:

Learn to praise your husband. Notice the little things in everyday life. A man should feel needed when he feels that he is valued and believed in him, the response will be his sincerity and openness.

Be more interested in his work and friends. The more information, the more you will be able to understand what the problem is in your relationship. Try to please his parents;

An important point for men is sex. During the crisis, regular sex will not leave indifferent more than one man;

Take care of yourself, do not allow a well-groomed appearance. Try to be in good shape, not much jealousy during a crisis is permissible;

Learn not to cry out for any reason, talk calmly, fully possessing yourself.

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