How to salt fish at home

You need to salt good quality fish, because with the help of salting you can not fix the fish that has begun to deteriorate.

The thicker the fish, the longer it should be.

Fish should be salt in enameled utensils. It is important that the dishes do not miss the brine.

With dry embarrasses, you can salt both in a wooden container or in a clean mat. In this case, salt consumption doubles and the fish can turn out to be salted unevenly.

Salted fish must be stored in a cool room, periodically checking the quality.

Fish is weakly salted, medium -sized (150 grams of salt per 1 kilogram of fish) and hard -salt (from 250 to 300 grams of salt per 1 kilogram of fish).

When salting small fish, you can not cut it. Rinse the fish well, let the water drain. Then mix with salt so that the entire surface of the fish is in salt. Then put the fish in an enamel bowl and crush with oppression. In this case, it should be done so that the fish is all in brine, but not strongly squeezed by oppression. The duration of salting small fish – up to three days.

You can salt fish without cutting up to 300 grams. At the same time, each fish should be rubbed with salt against the scales. Then you need to put the fish in rows in a container, sprinkling each row with coarse salt. It must be remembered that each subsequent row should be sprinkled with salt in a little more quantity. Store fish in a container in a dark and cool room. If in a couple of days the fish is not all in brine, then you need to add a small oppression (load) from above. This fish will be ready to eat in a week.

If the mass of fish is more than 300 grams, then it should be gutted. Rinse the entire interior with water. Next, fill the abdominal cavity with salt and try to put more in the gills. Fish should be put in a container in rows in a flattened state, sprinkling each row with salt. In this state, the fish should be ready in a week.

In this case, the load should not be placed.

Fish weighing more than one kilogram should not only be gutted, but a longitudinal incision should be made on the back. Salt should also be placed in this cut. The fish is carefully rubbed against the scales with salt, the abdominal cavity and gills are stuffed with it. They are also placed in a container in a flattened state in rows, sprinkling with coarse rock salt. Store in a cool, dark place. The load does not fall. The fish will be ready in 10 days.

Ready salted fish should be thoroughly washed in brine (brine). Then lay in tight rows in a container (box, barrel) and cover with burlap, which must first be soaked in brine. Store in a cool and dark place.

If the fish is oily, then it is better to store it in brine and under load.

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