How to relieve tired eyes at home

Such unpleasant phenomena as redness of the eyes and their fatigue are probably familiar to many modern people. And this is quite reasonable – many of us spend hours looking at monitor screens at work and at home, relaxing at the TV screen and standing in traffic jams, while playing games on our mobile phones. In addition, other factors also affect the condition of a person’s eyes, such as poor ecology, constant stress and lack of sleep, improper daily cuts and poor nutrition.

How to relieve tired eyes at home

And, unfortunately, discomfort in the gases more and more often turns into a chronic form and is diagnosed even in children and adolescents, which cannot but cause alarm – after all, a person receives most of the information through the eyes. How can you relieve fatigue from the eyes until it turns into a disease, and can this be done at home? Yes, you certainly may. This article will be devoted to the answer to this important question for each of us.

Let’s start with the simplest set of eye exercises, which, if done regularly, will help your eyes feel healthy even with blue stress on them. These exercises are elementary and easy to perform.

For example, we all know that when we work at a computer, our eyes blink less than usual, which can cause them to become dry and uncomfortable. Therefore, when looking at the screen of your monitor, do not forget to sometimes break away from it and blink – to make it easier for you, just imagine that your eyelashes are the wings of a butterfly, and flap them.

The next exercise should also not cause you any difficulties in performing – without moving your head, look down and up and hold it in each position for 2-3 seconds. Repeat this exercise several times.

Move on. Imagine the face of a large clock in front of you. If this is difficult for you, then you can even draw it. Then, without turning your head, move your eyes clockwise and against it. Do this exercise several times as well.

How to relieve tired eyes at home

Get up from your chair, go to the window or, if you have such an opportunity, go to the balcony, and look several times, first into the distance, and then at the tip of your nose. At the same time, you will not only rest your eyes, but also breathe fresh air, which is also useful.

Return to your seat, close your eyes and mentally “draw” various geometric figures with them – eights, triangles, crosses, or simply describe circles.

Close your eyes tightly several times in a row. At the same time, squeeze your eyelids tightly. Then close your eyes and sit with your eyes closed for about half a minute, letting them rest.

In addition to this set of exercises, you can fight eye fatigue with the help of various traditional medicine recipes, which, as a rule, do not give side effects and their effectiveness has been proven over the years of their use.

To relieve fatigue and redness of the eyes, you can do eye baths. To do this, you will have to purchase a special container and medicinal herbs at the pharmacy that will help you remove the feeling of fatigue and discomfort from your eyes. Usually chamomile is used for these purposes. Pour the previously prepared decoction or infusion of this medicinal herb into a special container and take baths with each eye in turn.

If your eyelids swell, then an infusion of birch leaves will help you cope with this problem. Take fresh birch leaves, wash them, pour a glass of cold water, let it brew for 8 hours.

How to relieve tired eyes at home

As you know, the eyes, and the whole face, are also favorably affected by raw potatoes, which are probably in the house of every housewife. Take a raw potato, peel it and grate it on a fine grater. Squeeze out the juice from the resulting mass, soak a cotton napkin in it and apply it to the eyes or face. Keep this mask for at least 20 minutes. It is best to wash it off not just with cool water, but with chamomile infusion or cooled tea.

Your ally in the fight against fatigue or redness of the eyes can also be an infusion of linden flowers, which can be purchased at the pharmacy. The finished infusion of linden flowers can be used in two versions – you can make lotions for the eyes with it or just rinse your eyes if necessary.

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