How to keep your tan after a tanning bed »

Many women dream of having tanned skin, regardless of the season, because skin with a touch of tan looks much more spectacular than without it. Fortunately, now it has become possible to have a tan not only in summer, but also in winter – for this, you just need to visit the solarium regularly. But how to make sure that the tan obtained in the solarium remains on the skin for as long as possible? To do this, you just need to read the recommendations below.

And you should start with the fact that a tan acquired in a solarium is practically no different from a tan obtained naturally, therefore, recommendations for maintaining a tan from a tanning bed may well be applicable to tanning under the rays of the sun.

Many of the fair sex have heard that it is desirable to get a tan in the shade, but not everyone knows that such advice is dictated not only by the need to maintain their health. A tan obtained in the shade, as practice shows, lasts much longer than a tan acquired in direct sunlight.

The duration of a tan is also affected by your skin type – if you are naturally blonde with fair skin, then the tan on it will not last as long as if you were a dark brunette.

Many women probably know that before going to the solarium, the skin needs to be prepared. So – on how correctly this stage passes, it also depends on how long you will remain tanned. In order for the tan to lie flat and last for a long time, it is necessary to take a bath before sunbathing and cleanse the skin using exfoliating products.

The use of special cosmetics for the care of tanned skin will also contribute to the long-term preservation of the chocolate skin tone. In addition, such products soothe the skin after exposure to ultraviolet radiation and moisturize it.

For your tan to last as long as possible, for a while you will have to forget about using even the most expensive bleaching products. Also at this time, in the process of skin care, you should not resort to home remedies that include cucumber, various fermented milk products or lemon.

If we talk about home ways to maintain a tanned skin tone, then it can be advised to periodically wipe the skin with tea, cocoa or coffee. To maintain a tan on the skin of the face, you may need the following recipe. Take eight tablespoons of string or chamomile, fill them with one liter of boiling water and let it brew under a closed lid for two hours. Then strain the resulting infusion through cheesecloth and wipe your face with it daily in the morning.

Connoisseurs of folk methods of facial skin care to preserve a tan on it also recommend making a mask of grated carrots or a mixture of freshly squeezed carrot juice with olive oil. Carrot or juice with oil should be applied to the face for 15-20 minutes and then washed off with warm water. But this advice is only suitable for you if the tan on your face is quite intense – in the case of a light tan, the skin after such exposure may acquire an undesirable yellowish tint.

A beautiful chocolate shade of tan can also be preserved longer if you use another method – caring for tanned skin with a tomato mask. It is not difficult to cook it at home – for it you will need tomatoes, cottage cheese and olive oil. Wash two tomatoes, mash them with a fork, add a tablespoon of olive oil and four tablespoons of cottage cheese to the resulting mass.  Moreover, it is desirable that the cottage cheese be fatty. You can apply such a mask on the whole body, and its exposure time should be at least 15-20 minutes. Wash it off preferably with warm and then cool water.

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