How to keep dwarf rabbits

A fairly popular pet these days is none other than the pygmy rabbit. This is both an original gift and an unusual pet, and it is also small, cute and rather unpretentious. However, in order for the pet, while living with you, to feel good and please you for as long as possible, it will not be out of place to learn some features of the breed and care for them.

A long trip for your pet will be quite difficult and stressful, and therefore it is better to take care of who you can leave your pet with during your absence. And not every airline will give you permission to transport a rodent.

Think carefully about how to protect yourself and your pet. Namely, remove all wires in an inaccessible place or in corrugated pipes. Try not to scatter things – they can be instantly gnawed. Decide where the cage will be where the rabbit can eat, rest and go to the toilet.

The biggest problem you have to face is your teeth. Rabbits are constantly nibbling something, regardless of whether it is food or your things, it doesn’t matter to him. Get ready to make some minor repairs to this bunny habit and take a closer look at your belongings.

Food for rabbits should be varied and there should be a lot of it. The main ingredient is hay. In addition, buy various finished feeds in pet stores, which include cereals, seeds, nuts, and vegetables and fruits may also be present. Do not forget that the rabbit should always have clean drinking water in the bowl. It is also necessary to give fresh herbs all year round. And of course, carrots, potatoes and apples. Remember that it is strictly forbidden to give a rabbit food from your table.

The cage should be large and spacious. Even if the freedom of the rabbit is not limited and runs everywhere, the cage must be purchased with the condition that an adult rabbit, if necessary, will be comfortable in it. You may need to get a special tray for your pet to go to the toilet there.

Taking care of a rabbit is not the animal itself is very clean. The cage needs to be cleaned once a week. But, as needed, more often.  Tray-toilet is washed 2-3 times a day. Brush your rabbit, especially during shedding season. Also do not forget about the need to cut his claws with special scissors.

Rabbits do not have any special health problems. But still, do not leave them in drafts and on the open sun. The cage should not stand next to the battery. Follow the general condition of the bunny. In case of any suspicion, immediately contact the veterinarian. Do not forget about annual vaccinations.

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