How to keep beauty and freshness in hot summer »

Winter is finally over and we are enjoying the warm spring days. But not far off “poplar fluff, heat, June”. And we so want to remain beautiful, attractive and fresh, like morning dew, despite the heat of the coming summer and the cruel sun.

How to build your relationship with the sun? Yes, it’s very simple: it attacks, and you successfully defend yourself.

Remember, not so long ago, squishing with a cold nose and trying to warm our constantly chilly limbs in warm woolen socks, we dreamed of a real summer sun.

Very soon, this long-awaited sun will fall on us with all its might and completely unbearable heat. We will again complain that the nose constantly burns, the cheeks, blushed in the sun, have become a completely indecent raspberry color, and the mascara stubbornly spreads under the eyes. And a lot of other bad things can be done by the sun, which, in the end, we become completely unhappy. Yes, come on! May there always be sunshine! We just need to learn how to be friends with him.

Our main assistant and ally in this fight, of course, is water. It is clear that the morning must certainly begin with water shower procedures. At the same time, the water temperature should be 3-5 degrees lower than your body temperature, because too cold, as well as too hot water, causes increased sweating. But it is better to rinse your face with mineral water. Be sure to fill a spray bottle with the same water and carry it in your purse so you can always freshen up during the working day. However, you yourself know all this.

And here is one completely exclusive tip: before leaving the house, put 2 drops of cold distilled or simply boiled water into your eyes. It is difficult to say what the secret is, but through long-term experiments it has been established for sure that after this procedure you look and feel much fresher and more energetic. And, of course, take care of your eyes by hiding them from the bright sun behind the saving glasses of high-quality sunglasses. Do not be tempted to buy inexpensive glasses in the markets, right on the street, in the subway or cheap kiosks. In these unfortunate glasses with primitive plastic lenses, you not only do not protect your eyes from the sun, but also run the risk of acquiring vision problems.

And, of course, do not forget about the saving ice. When the unbearable heat completely reaches and is simply unbearable, apply a piece of ice to the temples and chest area for a few seconds. This procedure will improve blood circulation, and will certainly benefit the breast itself, which will look more sexy.

All your cosmetics, including decorative ones, should contain UV filters.  It is better to completely refuse fatty nourishing creams in hot weather, but you need to moisturize your skin regularly.

And do not forget about a properly formulated diet, which can also help in the fight against heat. From the heart enjoy all the fruit and vegetable gifts of summer and, of course, greens. Those who are especially brave can use the centuries-old experience of the inhabitants of Central Asia, who traditionally eat a lot of spices. Apparently, when everything inside is baking and very hot, the body seems cooler outside. Forget about meat without regret and get the most out of fish in all its manifestations and types, and an abundance of fresh seafood. From drinks it is better to give preference to non-carbonated water and, of course, saving green tea.

Dear women, in a hot summer, like at no other time of the year, we must remember that your underwear should be not only chic, but also useful. Avoid linens with stretch. No matter how much you want to visually enlarge your breasts or give them an attractive shape and volume, do not wear a foam-based bra on hot summer days. Avoid underwear made from artificial fabrics and lace.

The same rules apply when choosing light outerwear. Even the most beautiful and fashionable blouse or tunic, no matter how loose-fitting it is, will make you sweat obscenely if it is made of artificial fiber. Wear with pleasure light trousers, shorts, T-shirts, blouses and dresses made from natural fabrics or at least fabrics whose composition is as close to natural as possible.

And long live the summer!

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