How to keep a man interested

Imagine for a second that a man is an ordinary person solving a crossword puzzle. And the woman is this very scanword. In order for a man to be interested in solving such a riddle, he needs to give hints and praise for success. But you can’t open your own keyword.

How to keep a man interested

This is how you stay interested and make a man interested in you.

Do not give a man the opportunity to know you completely. Try to surprise him every time, be completely unpredictable. Men love mysterious women who want to get to know and get to know more and more. But that never fully open.

change! If you do not have the opportunity to constantly change outfits and hairstyles, change your behavior, mood and general mood. Try to be gentle and rough, loving and indifferent, quiet and spontaneous. Change your shells constantly, and try not to repeat yourself. But one thing, then another, here is the move you truly need. Flirt more often, this will make your man keep abreast of the times, and do not forget about your attractiveness to other men. And, of course, do not impose, this is the last thing. Do not call without a reason and have pride.

Remember, the most important condition for showing constant interest in you is not to let a man relax. Do everything so that his thoughts are out of place. You may occasionally not answer calls, do not agree to every meeting, be late for dates. Let your man think about you and what you do. Let only you and your mood be in his thoughts. Very helpful for men to ask them for help. Do not teach a man to think about his strength and endurance. Never show that you can handle yourself. You are a weak woman, remember that. He must constantly think that you need help and protection.

Intrigue a man with your conversations. come up with a mystery out of the blue. Do not call a spade a spade, let there be a veil of secrecy in your words. Give a man a shake-up, this will not let him lose interest in you. If a man suddenly realizes that you are quiet, calm, homely, then he will calm down in relation to you. Why think about a person with whom everything is quiet and smooth. So try to prevent your young man from guessing your personal keyword, so he will definitely keep interest in you.

How to keep a man interested

Only you know that the answer lies in just one word: a woman. And to unravel the woman is not possible. And by showing constant interest in you, your man will be able to enter a new word into your life – love. And then everything will fall into place. Good luck.

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