How to deal with obesity folk remedies

Unfortunately, obesity is a real problem.

How to deal with obesity folk remedies

But, not all obese people understand that this is a disease. Mostly more people perceive it only as a cosmetic defect. That is why they try to fight the disease on their own, and do not run headlong to a competent doctor. Diets, pills that reduce weight, only harm the body. But the problem of obesity remains.

Traditional methods of treating obesity

The first way to fight obesity is treatment with folk methods. The most obvious fact, how to stop using empty, useless food in food and start exercising thoroughly, is put off until the very last moment. Because, according to obese people, this method is the most difficult to implement. Although here simply lies laziness and a lack of understanding of the danger of the disease.

How to deal with obesity folk remedies

And all it takes is to give up sweets, starchy foods, alcohol and potatoes with pasta.

Of course, the first time will be quite difficult and hard, but health is the most precious thing.

All dietary supplements, leeches for obesity, laxative pills, all this has a temporary effect of losing weight.

How to deal with obesity folk remedies

In addition, these methods are often addictive. That is, they act like drugs, the body “sits down”, and for stable weight maintenance it can no longer do without these drugs.

Traditional methods of treating obesity with herbs

However, if playing sports is completely unbearable, there are folk ways to treat obesity with herbs. They should be treated with extreme caution, it is best if this happens under the supervision of a doctor.

For example, flaxseed and corn silk have an appetite-reducing effect. Enough to make an infusion. Flax seed and linseed oil, respectively, also have a laxative effect. Moreover, they prevent the absorption of toxins into the intestines and protect the body from a stroke.

Corn stigma will remove excess water from the body, lower cholesterol and affect the metabolic processes in the human body.

A variety of herbs stimulate the activity of the gastrointestinal tract. But the systematic use of such herbs as chamomile, buckthorn and yarrow lead to excess weight loss. Of course, this will not happen all at once, but still.

Leaves of birch and nettle will speed up the metabolism, besides, they will reduce appetite very well.

Carbohydrate metabolism is normalized by burdock roots, nettle leaves and beans.

Rosehip is an excellent antioxidant. In addition, rose hips contain a huge amount of vitamin C, which also strengthens the immune system. A choleretic and tonic agent is made from rosehip extract.

From taking large burdock, the feeling of hunger becomes insignificant. Accelerates fat metabolism and serves as an excellent diuretic. Burdock contains many useful acids and iron for the body. For weight loss, tea is made from burdock, infusions are made. They should be taken in between meals, one tablespoon.

Fennel, serves as a diuretic, dulls hunger, but at the same time charges the body with the necessary energy.

Dandelion root speeds up metabolism, restores the liver, removes toxins from the body. Dandelion can be added directly to the green salad, make infusions and decoctions.

Fast digestion of food provides hawthorn, in addition, it regulates the activities of the adrenal glands and thyroid gland. From hawthorn you can make teas, infusions, decoctions.

Alfalfa strengthens blood vessels. Thanks to the alfalfa, the rapid dissolution of fats in the human body occurs. Alfalfa is sold in the form of powder in pharmacies, and it is recommended to use it as tea.

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