How strong and durable is rubble?

When purchasing crushed limestone, the client is always interested in its quality characteristics. The strength and durability of this material is always a topical issue for the consumer. Another important indicator when buying is the cost of products, as well as the ability to buy crushed stone with delivery, which is very convenient for customers.

To assess the quality, a number of tests for the strength of the material have been developed. The study is carried out by creating artificial conditions under which pressure is exerted on the rock equal to the impact when vehicles pass on the road or a mechanical action that resembles rock compaction with the help of rollers used when laying the road.

Limestone crushed stone is divided into groups. And this division occurs depending on the brand. Strength is indicated as follows:

M200 – very weak

M300-600 – weak

M600-800 – medium,

Such crushed stone does not have the highest strength. The most popular brand is M600.

As tests show, the strength of this material itself is not very high. However, concrete and other products made on its basis have high strength and durability. Also, the reliability of buildings where limestone rocks are used is achieved by special fitting of stones. This is possible only due to the fact that there is a relative softness of the material and ease in its processing.

And at the present stage of life, crushed limestone has gained its popularity. It has been widely used in various construction and industrial sectors. Due to its reliability and high performance, it is used:

in the manufacture of reinforced concrete products for various purposes and various modifications;

when laying roads, which are used in conditions with a small transport load;

in the production of lime;

Do not do without the considered material in the national economy:

for the production of a substance such as Portland cement;

like a flux;

in the production process for the manufacture of soda;

in mineral fertilizers;

He found application in the glass industry. Specialists in this industry use it to give glass high strength characteristics, as well as to make it resistant to thermal effects.

In the design industry plays the role of design material.

Due to not only its quality characteristics, strength, as well as high reliability, limestone crushed stone is in great demand and is widely used, but its low cost also played a role. This is the second most rated indicator after quality and reliability, which guides the consumer when buying raw materials.

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