Floor plinth: types and features

Your renovation is nearing completion, parts remain. And one of them is the choice of plinth. The modern market of building and finishing materials is so wide that it can be quite difficult to choose exactly what you need. Previously, the plinth was a panel with a practical purpose: hiding defects, gaps, gaps between the wall and the floor. Now it can be used as an exclusively decorative element of the interior.

So what choice do we have? The floor plinth is simple, for carpet, with a cable channel, with a covering plant on the wall and there is a plinth tape.

A simple plinth is a classic known to everyone and everyone. And the plinth for carpet is a special l-shaped bar on which the carpet is butt-glued, creating the visual integrity of the floor and walls. Plinth with a cable channel is the most practical and popular option. The wires go “underground”, everything is neat, aesthetically pleasing. There is also such a type of plinth, as with a carpet factory on the wall. It is a rounded trapezoid in section, the carpet is applied over and closes the plinth. This method is preferred in rooms where there are increased requirements for cleanliness. Dust does not accumulate in the cracks and such smoothed corners are easy to clean. Skirting tape is ideal for rooms with a non-standard, say, oval shape. “Flexible plinth” made of soft PVC is simply unrolled along the wall and attached to the adhesive.

Various ways of fixing skirting boards. They can be fixed with self-tapping screws or nails, frame, clips, glue.

A wide choice of materials from which skirting boards are made. Traditionally, we present them with wooden. Solid or multi-layer, they are durable and strong, beautiful and environmentally friendly. Plinths made of MDF are basically related to wooden ones, but due to impregnation and processing, their characteristics are close to modern analogues. The aesthetics and environmental friendliness of these skirting boards are combined with moisture resistance and durability. Plastic skirting boards – a modern development. They are easy to install, require little maintenance, and are inexpensive. PVC skirting boards – another modern solution. They are easy to install and, if necessary, dismantle, which is very convenient for repairs. A wide selection of colors and textures make them very popular. Less common, but attractive in their own way – stone and ceramic skirting boards bring a special flavor to the room and the overall decoration of the premises. There are even luminescent skirting boards – for those who are looking for something special.

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