Choosing tires for your car. What you need to know about tires

When deciding on the purchase of tires for a car, you must first determine the conditions for their operation – season, terrain, predominant road surface. And, since winter has already knocked on the window, let’s start with the seasonal criterion.

As you know, there are three seasonal types of car tires

– summer;

– winter;

– universal (all-season), which are designed to provide the safest and most comfortable ride in the temperature and road conditions of a particular season.

As for winter, road conditions naturally worsen, slippery surfaces require additional grip with tires to improve vehicle handling. Winter tires are softer and have certain tread patterns, may have metal spikes – a very appropriate addition for driving on ice and snow, but on well-cleaned roads they are not only useless, but also undesirable.

When buying tires /tires/search/195/65/15, be sure to pay attention to whether their size is recommended for a particular car. The marking must be suitable, otherwise changes in the circumference can lead to distortions in the operation of the odometer and speedometer, and other unpleasant consequences are natural.

To determine that it’s time to change tires on a car, look at the tread wear: if its depth is less than 3 mm, it’s time to change, this applies to both winter and summer tires. Before going on your car abroad, be sure to find out the standards in the countries of stay-in some countries, tires with a tread of less than 4 mm are considered “bald”, which guarantees problems with the police and additional cash expenses.

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