Choose linoleum for the kitchen

Linoleum is a floor covering that can be safely used in the most stylish and fashionable interiors.

It has a wide variety of colors and decors, colorful textures, is not afraid of water, is unpretentious in operation, has high antiseptic properties, is affordable and due to this, it is the best suited for a modern home.

When deciding what kind of linoleum will be, first of all, think about the definition of the material from which the coating will be made.

To be honest, linoleum has been known since ancient times, or rather since the 17th century. Tree resin and flax oil were boiled in a mixture along with wood or cork flour (the old flour was a little different, now they use a similar property), turpentine (resin), limestone and dyes. Then the hot composition was rolled out on burlap made from jute. The name comes from the Latin phrase “linum oleum”, in other words – “linseed oil”.

Since then, linoleum has changed little. All its components are exclusively of natural origin (only materials grown in nature are used), and steel manufacturers give the material juicy, original patterns and persistent tones. The material is 100% hygienic and environmentally friendly, it lasts up to 35 years, while not losing its performance properties. In addition, flaxseed oil has bactericidal properties.

Linoleum has self-extinguishing properties, is not afraid of any kitchen pollution, as well as household chemicals. Ideally retains heat and has excellent soundproofing properties. The only downside is its cost. Synthetic analogues cost several times less.

Artificial types of coating are made from polyvinyl chloride. This is a polymer compound, which is a fairly solid substance of bright white color. And it’s physiologically harmless. Such linoleum also has many advantages. PVC is very durable, has a special dielectric property, does not absorb water and is very easy to care for.

Synthetic products are divided into heterogeneous and homogeneous. The first type is multi-layered. It has a couple of layers of PVC, the top layer is transparent, it protects the material from abrasion and the decorative layer gives beauty to the linoleum. The second is different in that the coating layer is homogeneous (the same colors are combined), that is, it has no base. Because such material is thin, but very durable and is quite resistant to mechanical influences of the pattern, for example, resistant as in the RoomDom store.

Before you choose linoleum for the kitchen, you should know about the disadvantages of synthetic linoleum:

Low heat resistance;

It does not last long, without loss of operational properties – from 5 to 10 years;

Organically soluble, therefore chemically aggressive compositions.

Remember that the highest quality PVC – linoleums are simply required to have certificates of compliance with GOST, as well as EN standards. He should not have a “sebaceous” shine or pungent smell.

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