Buying a home in Italy

Italy has always been a profitable country to invest in real estate. Many guests are attracted to buy property in Calabria. This region is famous for its mild climate and quite affordable housing prices. In addition, the sea is nearby. In general, this country is famous for its diversity of nature, many historical monuments, exclusivity of architecture. Buying property in Italy will be an excellent investment.

All real estate in Italy is quite diverse: from small studios to luxury apartments and villas. By buying a home in Italy, you have the opportunity to spend your holidays in your own home, which allows you to save a lot. In addition, during your absence in the country, you can rent an apartment. There are quite a lot of students and tourists in Calabria who would not mind renting an apartment or house in this region.

Many who love Italy and want to choose a second home here will be quite surprised by the rich selection of real estate. In addition, buying cheap property in Italy is a reality. Calabria is a relatively cheap and quite tempting region of the country for investment.

A few nuances when buying a home in Italy

If you decide to buy property in Italy, you need to determine:

the purpose of the purchase;

area of ​​purchase;

type of property;


Buying property in Italy, seek the help of a real estate agency. By paying a small percentage of the transaction, you thus save yourself from having to delve into the nuances of the procedure. It is also a guarantee of the correct execution of all documents and verification of real estate for its legality and compliance with the required standards. By purchasing a villa or apartment in Italy, you are entitled to a visa that allows you to stay in the country for six months, in addition, you can travel throughout Europe.

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