Automatic doors

In recent years, automatic doors have become more and more popular, they are used in shops, cafes, restaurants, hotels, office buildings. Often we do not even notice them, but they play an important role in protecting us from harmful microbes and drafts.

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There are several types of automatic doors, such as hinged, sliding, revolving and special doors (which are not among the above).

Automatic doors automatically open when people approach and slowly close themselves immediately after a person passes through them. The time when the door remains open is reduced, due to this, drafts can be avoided and save on heating in winter and air conditioning in summer. And revolving doors completely block the air flow even when people pass through them.

Installing automatic doors on escape routes helps save people in the event of a fire or emergency, as it provides a free and quick exit for people and a flow of fresh air. And in hospitals, such doors provide sterility, helping to keep patients clean.

Of course, a beautiful automatic entrance door to the building is a great addition to the facade of a company or a shopping center, which is convenient for everyone, even people with disabilities.

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