Architecture of the clinker chain

Clinker cegla, provoked a cicavi turn of the podia in modern architecture. Clinker cegla on the current day is a very popular material, which is victorious for the life and facing of the facades of the houses. This material looks even more aesthetically pleasing, wind through rich rocks. Budinku facade, crushed from the clinker chain, superbly resistant to the influx of atmospheric fallout and temperature. The material does not lose its original color and physical power. Dodatkovoy advantage – those that the color of the clinker is even more popular, and, therefore, you can easily stick to the superfluous architectural medium. In addition, there are also special forms of clinker, which are used for cladding in important places of the booth (cornices, plinth, kuti).


Clinker zegla, can be made from a different color vikonanna, with the widest ones – brown and red. On top of the material, it can be smooth or embossed, a warto of memory.

Revolution in the history of architectural life

To this budding material, budinki on the cob of the 20th century, gave their own tone and style, which strongly perked up in the traditional budinki, vykonanyh from the chervonoy tsegl. Clinker became popular at that hour, if a lot of architects included yoga as an additional material for individual project of houses. The architects victoriously yogo for the creation of dimars, terraces or other decorative steps. Such a structure gave a booth like intrigue. You can find a lot of examples of boondocks with clinker vodkas in England, de vin bouves of vodkas even in the nineteenth century. More more cannabis projects in Boston and California.

Clinker Kingdom. At the hour of the industry, there were a lot of buds inspired by the victories of the clinker, to that it predicted the colonial hours, if the economy was based mainly on the strong state, it was nostalgic for the spent past.

One of the most famous American architects who won the clinker was the brothers Charles and Henry Green. Through the rokіv, on the ear of the twentieth century, the stench created a new style of architecture, which became the hallmark of California. The stench was a booth with wide terraces, gazebos and verandas, as if they gave a sense of will and satisfaction in life. The stars of the walls looked like this, as if they were growing right out of the ground. Nayv_domishiy budinok, prompting brothers budinok, de alive founder of the company Procter & Gamble – David Gamble.

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