Apartment renovation in Moscow

Often apartment renovation is not just painting surfaces and changing wallpaper – this is an opportunity to improve the comfort of living in an apartment. The emergence of new materials and technologies in the construction markets often complicates the repair work on their own.

It is required not only to choose materials for finishing, but also to take into account their compatibility with the base material of the walls or ceiling. To solve such problems for residents of the capital will help the request for apartment renovation in Moscow.

Of course, it all starts with a plan. Before contacting a construction company, you need to determine the purpose of the upcoming repair. This can be a light cosmetic repair, when old linoleum, wallpaper, etc. are simply changed.d. More complex overhaul, including work to replace plumbing, plumbing, etc.d. Renovation involves redevelopment.

Now with a pencil and a sheet of paper you need to walk around the apartment, imagine the finished result. You should write down everything that needs to be done and acquired to achieve the goal.

Then, depending on the type of repair chosen, click on “redecoration of apartments in Moscow” or on “turnkey apartment renovation Moscow”.

When negotiating with professionals about the details of the repair work, be prepared to make changes to your plans. Not everything you want is technically possible to do. Also, the master can offer a more convenient option, taking into account the features of your apartment.

Be sure to consult on the required amount of finishing materials. Even with today’s abundance, the desired wallpaper color disappears from store shelves in an incomprehensible way, which will slow down your apartment renovation in Moscow.

It is advisable to purchase all the materials at once, this will give you the opportunity to get a discount, and sometimes even free shipping. In addition, it will help to complete the repair of apartments on a turnkey basis in Moscow, without downtime.

External finishing materials can be purchased independently. You can consult with the specialists of the company that repairs apartments in Moscow regarding their required quality.

The purchase of wiring, mixtures, fasteners, adhesives and other building materials, the appearance of which does not matter to you, can be safely entrusted to the masters. Moreover, they often buy them at wholesale prices.

Companies performing cosmetic repairs of apartments in Moscow, as well as turnkey apartment renovations in Moscow, usually have fixed prices for their services. Arising unplanned expenses (falling off pieces of plaster, etc.).d.) are discussed in the course of work.

Be sure to watch the video “Redecoration of a one-room apartment”.

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