Acquisition of real estate in Denmark

Over the past time, the demand for the acquisition of real estate in Europe has increased. The attractiveness of real estate depends not only on the benefits in the financial sector, but on the country in which it is located (depending on the stability of the country). In Europe, it is not beneficial to sell housing, so the purchase procedure for foreigners has become simplified. And buyers can get benefits when applying for a visa to the Schengen area.

For example, in Denmark, one of the leading countries in Europe, ideal conditions have been created for a calm, cozy life in comfort. In fact, this is a wonderful country with beautiful architecture, with many narrow old streets, attractive cafes, medieval castles and hospitable local people. State policy is aimed at the desire of citizens to make their lives comfortable. In this country, medical care and education are developed at a fairly high level and are free.

Before thinking about buying property in Denmark in the future, you need to consider the option of obtaining a residence permit. And this is a rather complicated process. If you follow the laws, then it is possible to obtain a residence permit by studying or working in the state, or by formalizing legal marital relations with a citizen or citizen of the Kingdom of Denmark. Another opportunity to obtain a residence permit is a Green Card, which gives the opportunity to live and work in the state for 6 months.

Only after obtaining a residence permit, you can start looking for suitable real estate. When choosing an object, it is best to turn to the services of a broker who can choose the most suitable option. Broker’s services are paid by the seller. When the choice is made, the next step is to apply to the State Ministry of Justice to obtain special permission to purchase real estate. Then it is necessary to prove both the availability of funds for the purchase and the legality of the origin of these funds.

A lawyer and a notary must be present during the transaction. The buyer finances the services of lawyers. If the deal turns out to be unsuccessful, since the services of the bar in Denmark are insured, the insurance covers the losses. When buying real estate, taxes on the purchase are 1% of its value. It will also be necessary to pay for taxes for land, real estate, as well as the municipal fee of local authorities.

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