The choice of building materials for the construction of a country house

Every year the number of houses built outside the city is inexorably increasing. In addition to the construction of new ones, the reconstruction of old ones is also being carried out. So, sooner or later, summer residents face the question of choosing building materials for repair work. Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that the number of positions here is much greater than in the repair of an ordinary apartment, since in addition to interior decoration, external. An online store of building materials in Moscow will help save time. The most demanded option of exterior decoration for today is siding panels. This is explained by the fact that the technology of working with this material is simple, allows you to perform work in a short time.

When it comes to construction from the very beginning, then from the materials for the foundation foundation in this case you will need: crushed stone, sand, reinforcement, concrete mortar. Difficulties in choosing should not arise, you just need to compare prices in different stores, and choose the most optimal. For the construction of walls you will need: lining, brick, timber, aerated concrete blocks and boards. To choose the material for the roof, you will need expert advice.

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