Stretch ceilings in the interior

The popularity of stretch ceilings is due to the fact that their design can be done in any style. There are many options for different tastes and budgets. And that is not all. Stretch ceilings are durable, moisture resistant and fireproof.

In Moscow, for a long time, the production and installation of stretch ceilings has been carried out by Ceiling MS.

Here you can order the following types of stretch ceilings: starry sky, seamless, acoustic, multi-level, glossy, matte, satin and fabric. On the company’s website there is an opportunity to get acquainted with recent works and evaluate the quality.

The structure of stretch ceilings is such that their surface is perfectly smooth.  Certain effects are achieved through a variety of textures and shades. Stretch ceilings are a good opportunity to create curved or multi-level elements. Tired of ceiling color? Replace it with a film that can be installed on the old frame.

Stretch ceilings are easy and quickly mounted, you don’t even need to shift the furniture and after leaving the workers to remove the garbage, it simply does not. The great advantage of the design is that it hides any technical elements, wiring or ventilation. Having installed a stretch ceiling in the apartment, you will forget about the capital for a long time, and even more so about cosmetic repairs.

“Ceiling MS” uses in production only safe materials that have received a certificate. After placing the order, the measurer goes at home for free, with the client they conclude an agreement in which all warranty obligations will be registered. If you need to provide an accompanying documentation and certificates. Warranty service terms depend on the materials used, the average warranty on the product is ten years.

Let’s summarize.

Having made an order from the “ceiling MS” you get:

high -quality stretch ceiling;


saving money;

observance of terms of production of a product and its installation;

warranty and post-warranty service;

lack of thoughts about repairing the ceiling for a long time.

And also, a new ceiling:

outwardly attractive;





Having ordered a stretch ceiling, you will feel like a real zealous owner, and your interior will now reflect the comfort and attractiveness of life.

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