How to sew a dress in a few hours

you are going on vacation? There are a few hours left before you leave?

But you can still sew yourself a simple, beautiful, comfortable bustier dress.

How to sew a dress in a few hours

This model will make the female figure sexy: it will expose the shoulders and neckline, emphasize the waist and even hide the tummy if the bodice is made shorter.

You will need:

light fabric 1.5-2 m with a width of 1.40 m;

threads in tone;



sewing machine.


For a bustier dress, take light fabrics, such as silk, chiffon, knitwear, cambric. Suitable for plain or patterned fabrics. Silk fabrics are difficult to work with. If you want to sew a dress quickly, do not take smooth and slippery fabrics.

The patterns do not need. Take a piece of fabric of the desired length. This dress can be either above the knee or have a floor length skirt. On the inside, draw lines for puffs with a tailor’s chalk, after washing the lines will disappear. Draw the top line 5 cm from the top cut.

On the wrong side, along the marked line, put a rubber vein and stitch with a zigzag stitch. Choose a stitch width so that it does not pierce the elastic. Otherwise, the puffs will not work, and the work will go down the drain. Or there is such a way: wind the elastic thread on the bobbin, pulling it a little, sew along the lines on the front side. If the vein is stretched, there will be beautiful assemblies.

How to sew a dress in a few hours

Iron the top seam allowance inside out, baste. Draw a line at a distance of 1.3 – 1.4 cm from the top edge, draw other lines at exactly the same intervals. Sew all the rubber veins along the lines and pull them to your size. Tension on the chest and waist are different. Do what is comfortable for you, the dress should not be loose, or you will lose it. Make a knot at the ends of the veins to secure them. straighten the assemblies.

Sew back cut. Tuck the bottom of the dress, stitch it on a typewriter. Finish the seam with an overlock or a zigzag stitch. Iron the seams. The skirt of the dress can be made multi-layered, with frills or a balloon. Model, you will succeed, and you can go on vacation with a beautiful thing that was sewn in just a couple of hours.

How to sew a dress in a few hours

An elasticated dress is also ideal for a trip to vacation and visiting the beaches. The absence of straps on the dress will make the tan even, avoid ugly white stripes on the shoulders and back.


light and flowing material;

elastic thread;

elastic band;

sewing machine;

tailor’s chalk.


Cut out the fabric for the front and back of your dress. These will be rectangles or trapezoids, the height of which is equal to the length of the dress. Fold 2 pieces right sides and sew side seams.

Sew elastic into the top. Choose not too tight elastic bands with a width of 4 to 6 mm, with an openwork pattern or straight. To keep the dress tighter, for the top line, take an elastic band tighter and wider than the others.

Using soap or tailor’s chalk, mark lines for sewing elastic bands. Hold the dress against you next to the mirror, mark the levels for sewing on the elastic band at the waist and chest. Spread the dress on a flat surface and with a ruler draw horizontal straight lines in front and behind the dress.

Divide the elastic into pieces of the desired length. Wrap yourself with elastic band so that it is taut and does not dig in. Connect each piece into a ring and stitch together with a needle and thread.

Make sure that the distance between the stitches is the same so that the dress is evenly gathered on all sides. With a pencil, you need to make equidistant marks on the elastic, and then the same number of marks at the same distance – along the circumference of the dress. When sewing on the elastic, align the marks with the marks on the fabric.

To sew elastic on a sewing machine, buy bobbin elastic threads. Wind them on a bobbin, thread them into the shuttle. Insert a simple thread into the machine from above. For free movement of the elastic, loosen the tension on the upper thread. Make straight or zigzag stitches along the marked lines.

The top, as well as the bottom of the dress, fold inward, sew or zigzag the cuts.

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