How to keep the “youth” of your furniture in the bathroom?

The furniture we buy for the bathroom must be, first of all, of high quality. Not only its service life directly depends on this, but also the form in which it will stand in your house all these years.

If we talk about quality, then it is best to give preference to more famous brands. For example, Colombo bathroom furniture enjoys a good reputation. All brand products are made from high-quality raw materials, according to the right technologies and are designed purely for the bathroom: they “combine” perfectly with moisture and water without losing their attractiveness.

But, of course, not everything depends on the initial quality. Even the finest furniture can lose its “shine” if not properly cared for. So task number two, after choosing the right furniture for the bathroom, is to maintain. Your task is to maintain the tone state of the bedside tables and cabinets, which it boasts in the first days of its use. How to do it? How to achieve such a result?

To begin with, make it a habit to maintain order constantly. This means that you must:

initially put in the bedside tables only what really belongs there. Do not fill them with unnecessary things, duplicate shower gels a hundred thousand times, buy toilet paper at a discount and put it all in bathroom cabinets. Agree, there is not enough furniture for all this. As a result, everything that you really use regularly – toothpaste, shampoo, toothbrush, razor – will be scribbled on the shelf in front of the mirror and in the corners of the bathroom. Doesn’t look very aesthetic, does it??

allocate a place for each category of things. For example, if you have body care products on one shelf, then there is clearly no place for shampoos and cosmetics. Divide the furniture in the bathroom in such a way that you are comfortable. Then the search will not take a few minutes when you are in a hurry going to work, classes or an important meeting.

wipe the “insides” of bedside tables and cabinets from dust. The fact that they are closed with a door does not mean that dust, dirt and so on do not get in there. You will be surprised with what enviable regularity and intensity all this “beauty” is going there. So, do not be lazy, but take the time to clean. The more often the better. Then the process will take no more than five or ten minutes.

avoid wet things inside. Moisture is a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Therefore, do not place wet objects in an enclosed space without air access. For example, if you took a shower, then you should not put a wet jar of gel immediately in the locker. Wipe it off, or let it dry, and then put it back in place. Thus, dampness will never be your “companion” in the bathroom and will not spoil the furniture.

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