External insulation of the house

If, during the construction of a wooden house, its use was planned only in the summer, and now there is a need for all-season residence, then the structure will have to be insulated. This measure will allow the construction to be used both in summer and in severe winter. When done correctly, heating costs are reduced. By the way, before buying an inexpensive apartment in Odessa, it is recommended to get valuable advice.

Many people recommend using mineral wool to insulate structures made of wood. It is light weight, affordable and retains heat well. The light weight and elasticity of the material ensure ease of installation, as cold bridges do not form on mineral wool, and the deformation of the walls does not affect the quality of thermal insulation.

The structure after insulation can be sheathed with siding, board or other finishing material. You need to start the external insulation of the building with the arrangement of vapor barrier. Ordinary film, roofing material, aluminum foil will become suitable materials for it. Thanks to the vapor barrier, the facade can be made ventilated under the film. This is especially true for buildings with smooth walls. It is necessary to nail bars with a thickness of 25 mm on them in a vertical position.

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