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bar counter

Some time ago, a bar counter came to us from abroad. But over a very short period of time, it has already acquired a rather large abundance of various folk characteristics. Basically, the place of the bar counter is in the kitchen. It plays the role of both kitchen furniture and can simply be an elegant home decoration module.

The traditional bar counter is confidently considered privileged furniture made in the form of fairly slender elements that need to be placed on specialized bar mezzanines. A set of a bar counter and high bar stools looks infinitely aesthetically pleasing. In exceptional cases, the bar counter is made in several levels: high and low. The high degree serves as a bar counter, and the lower one as a counter for eating. As part of such a rack, you need medium-level chairs. This option is practical to use when such a rack arrives as a divider for the kitchen and the room. Also, the bar counter can be mounted in the living room – this makes an area for relaxation with a small bar at hand. This location is ideal for studio dwellings.

The bar counter is not only furniture, but also a complete structure, which should be made using special separate parts, this makes it possible to mount the bar counter, starting from the general interior of the house. Also, the bulk of such bar counters are made according to the personal sketch of the customer. For the production of bar racks, wood, fiberboard, metal, real and artifical stone, crystal, tiles are used. Basically, a combination of many components is used. Countertops are faced with strong material by Korian. When setting up a bar, it is especially important to carefully think over the lighting, as well as equip the area around it, just do not overdo it, since you can “overload” the room with various accessories.

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