apartment renovation

Before starting repairs, you need to make a plan, calculate – so that in the future you do not bite your hands and lips. In this article, we will talk in more detail about the technology of apartment renovation.

Whatever the repair, you need to start first with preparation. Removing old partitions, cleaning ceilings and walls to the ground, dismantling others – various structures and renting an apartment in Magnitogorsk . The most important thing is that everything is clean before the start of the repair.

Breaking is always easier, but you need to approach it wisely. During installation, hidden wiring can be thrown. And when laying, be careful, you can damage the pipeline system so that there are no problems in the future.

After dismantling and taking out the garbage, we can say that the first step is completed. After myself

do not forget to wash the elevator and the corridor so that the neighbors do not complain.

The second stage will be the order and delivery of materials for repairs. Here, make a list of materials that are needed and take into account such as building cement, brick, plaster, you can take a little in reserve. If something is not enough, then the delivery of materials will be more expensive than the purchased material itself.

After the delivery of all the necessary materials, you can begin to repair. It is immediately necessary to mark the place of future partitions. Determine where you need a straight wall, and where the corner is curved. After the partitions have been erected, it is necessary to lay the wiring and the heating system. If you are repaired by an enterprise, then such work is done – at the same time. And if you yourself, then do everything in stages, but if you are not an electrician, then you need to contact a wiring specialist.

As everything was done, we proceed to the plastering work. First you need to install beacons on the walls and ceilings, which measure out a right angle, and then you can apply plaster.

After plastering work, we smoothly proceed to pouring the floor screed. After this stage, you can install window blocks and window sills.(But only after plastering) Next, we install batteries (radiators) for heating, installation of sewage and pipelines is carried out.

Repair of the apartment ends with the installation of suspended or conventional ceilings and painting works. After gluing tiles and other minor work. After the repair has been carried out, you need to thoroughly wash the apartment and take out the construction equipment.

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